Testimonials of Drug Disposal Programs

Police Chiefs and Community Leaders talk about their MedReturn drug take back programs



Police Chief, Campbellsville, KY

Best investment we ever made.

Hennepin COunty, MN

In the first 6 months we have collected over 2,200 lbs of unwanted meds.

Norfolk County, MA

District Attorney Michael W. Morrisey

We took a simple idea and ran with it. We don't have to wait for take-back. Why not have take-back every day? It is the cheapest and most effective thing we've ever done to get drugs off the street. It is safe and secure. No questions asked, you can throw your pills in and nobody checks what is inside the bottle.

Wheeling, WV Police Department

Detective Gregg McKenzie

In less than one month, we collected over 40 pounds of prescription drugs. We’re fortunate to have the first and only MedReturn box in our state. Thanks MedReturn and thanks Ohio Co. Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition.

Bucks County, PA

Lee Rush, Community Organizer for the Upper Bucks Healthy Communities Healthy Youth Coalition, (UBHCHY)

We hope this effort is duplicated throughout the region so even more people can afford themselves of the opportunity to properly dispose of these prescriptions on any given day.

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Medford, Oregon Police Department

Police Chief Randy Schoen

This is a great product and it is going to make a positive impact on our community. The drop off box provides a known location to get rid of unwanted rx medications and it will keep them from ending up in our waste water treatment facility and ultimately out of our river, the Rogue River. The morning after the first press release regarding this drop off box we had people dropping off medications.


Waushara County, WI Police Department

Sheriff David Peterson, Waushara County, Wisconsin

The MedReturn unit is a great solution and focal point to collect medications that are no longer needed, keeping them away from our kids and out of the water supply. This unit was designed specifically for drug collection programs, and is sturdy, well-built, and virtually tamper-proof. The graphic panel is easy to personalize for your message or other information regarding your local take-back program. I strongly recommend the MedReturn units to organizations or law enforcement agencies that are looking for durable, dependable units to collect medications in their community. This is the answer.